Jan-Feb 2018

Cover Story

Workshop – Best Practices

Whether it’s keeping up with your accountant or tax lawyer throughout the year or making sure your employees are on the same page, communication is key. It helps strengthen relationships with professional partners, it helps build the business when everyone who works there is on the same page and it can help owners find like-minded […] Continue reading →

Finding Financing

While many college students were out partying, Connor Wray and Erik Brust, were starting a business. Wray and Brust, respectively the CFO and CEO of JonnyPops, balanced class with figuring out how to grow their fresh, all-natural frozen treats company. “We were committed to the idea,” Wray says, adding that Brust had previously intended to […] Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor

From the East

At the risk of angering Goldy Gopher (my husband and I are both University of Minnesota alums and our son is a freshman there), I’ve got some wisdom from two restaurant founders to the east, who served on a founders’ panel I moderated recently at the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference. Their companies, Toppers and […] Continue reading →


Payment technology evolution bringing further growth at Evolve Systems

It was February 2007 when Upsize first spoke with Marnie Ochs-Raleigh, CEO of Evolve Systems, about the point-of-sales terminals the company had started providing for merchants that were relying more heavily on credit card payments. Evolve Systems, then and now, also develops, manages and optimizes websites. Ochs-Raleigh, and her husband, company President Don Raleigh, were […] Continue reading →

Business Builders

Human Resources

What started as a reaction to allegations against Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein in October has become more than a viral hashtag, and has left many employers anxious about how the #MeToo movement might manifest in their organizations. With new stories coming out on almost a daily basis about celebrities, politicians and other prominent public figures, […] Continue reading →

Employee Retention

Over the last decade, there has been a steady increase in business leaders investing in wellness programs that are designed to improve workplace well-being. Yet, many of these programs are not targeting one of the biggest sources of employee stress: personal finance. Beyond the impact on mental well-being, an AOL Health Poll indicated that financial […] Continue reading →

DATA-Process Mining

“If I only knew then, what I know now!” This wail of frustration from the corner office is typical after a mission critical event refocused company resources to address issues resulting in lost revenue – or worse – lost clients. Historically, small and medium-sized businesses have managed these events faster than their larger competition. Growing […] Continue reading →

Cybersecurity; Preparing for a breach

You have most likely seen the news recently of companies having sensitive internal and consumer information stolen by hackers. Target, Home Depot, Uber, and the unprecedented breach of Equifax, are among the higher profile companies that have been breached. Many small business owners read these types of headlines and say to themselves: “It couldn’t happen […] Continue reading →