How to Upsize
Kari Yonke <br>EIDE BAILLY If you receive a resume that is too good to be true, it probably is. Recent surveys show that 30  percent of all job applicants lie on their resumes,  while 60 percent include misleading information. Deception on resumes commonly entails falsifying education (the most common deception), stretching dates to cover employment gaps, enhancing job titles, fabricating credentials or licenses and inventing employers. Properly conducted background checks have the potential to save companies both time and money, as costly hiring decisions may be prevented.
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Adam Hennen <br>OLSEN THIELEN & CO The typical organization loses 5 percent of revenue each year to fraud. The losses caused by fraud go straight to the bottom line because you’ve already incurred the cost of sales on those losses. So for the average company with $10 million in sales, that’s $500,000 taken straight off the bottom line. To counter the impact of fraud, the sales team would have to drum up an additional $1,250,000.
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Lessons Learned
People say it’s so great you support volunteerism, but we receive so much more than we give.    

Rebecca Thomley

My job as CEO is to create value so investors can capitalize at some time in the future. Not only do I create products and services, but I also need to do the networking to connect with potential partners.

Lee Jones