How to Upsize
Tom Salonek <br>INTERTECH To put it bluntly: if your business website does not meet Google’s mobile-friendly requirements, you will appear to no longer exist in the mostly mobile-accessed online world.
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Peggy Prall <br>MAHONEY, ULBRICH, CHRISTIANSEN AND RUSS During the year, run monthly and quarterly reports from your accounting software. Really look at the numbers. If they don’t make sense, contact your accountant and explain the situation. This way the problem can be found before it gets too large. A little time during the summer months spent fixing the accounting data will frequently save a lot of time and money during tax time.
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Lessons Learned
“You constantly have to be on. You constantly have to be thinking. There’s never a down time. I know why everybody doesn’t do this, because it’s just not easy.”

Andy Dahl

“Buying a company is 10 times easier than building.”

Warren Stock