How to Upsize
Pat Shriver <br>FAFINSKI MARK & JOHNSON Where businesses fall down is by not determining the market for their product or service, the costs and profitability potential, and whether the business will generate sufficient cash flow or will need capital from outside the company.
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Ileana Tudor <br>TUDOR BUSINESS CONSULTING, INC To the degree that you can differentiate your product in the marketplace, you can price according to value provided to the customer. This also requires that you develop a clear and compelling communication strategy regarding the features and advantages of your product.
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Tom Salonek <br>INTERTECH To put it bluntly: if your business website does not meet Google’s mobile-friendly requirements, you will appear to no longer exist in the mostly mobile-accessed online world.
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Lessons Learned
“It’s definitely a lot of sacrifices that need to occur when growing and leading an organization, and relationships are part of that cost.”

Nathan Smith

“The biggest problem when two people think the same is, they both get hit by the bus at the same time, because no one’s looking in the opposite direction.”

Richard Fursman