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Upsize Minnesota Magazine introduces you to the only local how-to resource for business owners – delivering innovative information for and about entrepreneurs and their evolving businesses.

Upsize readers are actively searching for the latest trends and inventive methods to grow their businesses. Upsize provides expert advice on enhancing a company’s competitiveness and growth with extraordinarily useful advice from Minnesota’s top professionals.

Upsize is the place to showcase your products or services to this dynamic group of entrepreneurs. Successfully reach this important audience by designing an effective advertising program with Upsize Minnesota Magazine.


Avid Readers. The Upsize editorial focus attracts business owners with an active interest in growth. They look to the magazine for information to help them achieve their goals. The typical Upsize reader:

Spends 37 minutes reading each issue
Passes the magazine along to at least one other business associate
Reads 3.4 out of every four issues

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Exclusive Readers. Upsize provides access to a unique group of decision makers. No other local publication has significantly captured the attention of this audience:

89% do not subscribe to the Business Journal
86% do not subscribe to Minnesota Business
81% do not subscribe to Twin Cities Business
66% read none of the other three business publications

Corporate Profile. Upsize readers run small to mid-size, growing companies. The “how-to” editorial approach attracts business owners with a certain mindset: they are serious, resolute and successful. They make the buying decisions:

Job Title

CEO, president, partner, owner 84%
Vice president 6%
Managers 5%
Other 5%

Company Size (annual revenue)

Less than $1 million 21%
$1 million but less than $5 million 41%
$5 million but less than $25 million 34%
$25 million or more 4%
(median size: $3.8 million annual revenue)

Company Size (number of employees)

1 but less than 5 employees 17%
6 but less than 10 employees 25%
10 but less than 50 employees 49%
50 employees or more 9%
(median size: 17 employees)