Back Issues

Back issues of Upsize Minnesota are available for purchase. If you know what issue you would like to buy,
contact the circulation department by e-mail at gbergstrom@upsizemag.com or call (952) 890-9009.

Issues are available for $5.00 PLUS shipping and tax. Prices include all applicable tax and shipping charges.
Prepayment is required. Have a Visa or MasterCard number available when you call or send a check with your
request to the address below:

Upsize Minnesota Magazine
Circulation Department
3033 Excelsior Blvd, Ste 10
Minneapolis, MN 55416

If you are looking for a specific article but you’re not sure when it was published, our editorial department
can help. Contact them by e-mail at gbergstrom@upsizemag.com or call (952) 890-9040.