September 2008

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Amigas Realty

When a market as competitive as real estate slows, the advantage among newcomers goes to the agency with specialized clientele, according to Christine Tuhy and Fatima Cocci, co-founders of Amigas Realty in Minneapolis. Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor

good news

?I do not watch the news nor read the grim headlines. My personal news ?boycott? has worked well for these past 28 years, through up and down cycles.? Continue reading →

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Lonny Kocina

Lonny Kocina on his originally controversial pay-per-
interview idea Continue reading →


Profile: John's Tailors

Step into John?s Tailors on Lexington Avenue at Larpenteur, where Roseville rubs St. Paul?s northern border, and Nadir John Can will flash a smile. He?ll draw you so quickly into friendly conversation while promptly meeting your needs ? whether as simple as sewing a button to your coat or as involved as measuring for a custom suit ? that you won?t notice right away the framed pictures of him with Hollywood legends. Continue reading →

Upsize Primer: Real estate

Everyone knows the mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle. More than ever, companies are putting this pithy saying into practice, revamping their operations in an effort to lessen their impact on the environment. Continue reading →

Business Builders

Internal transitions

If you or your clients are among the 9.5 million owners reaching the age of retirement you may want to ask, "What is my exit strategy?" Continue reading →

How to balance science, art of brand creation

The marketplace determines a brand's value. And the market forces that drive brand equity are both numerous and complex. But at the moment of its creation, your brand has the opportunity of a lifetime to start out strong - to strike the perfect balance between legal strategy and market strategy, between science and art. Continue reading →

How and why to make your firm fit

84 percent of Americans said they'd get healthier "if the boss insisted." So, at a few leading companies, the boss is now insisting: Verizon, Microsoft and Dow Chemical, among others, are offering cash bonuses for losing weight. Continue reading →


2-minute meeting

?Seventy-five percent of how much energy a product uses over its lifetime is determined in the design stage, yet of the 59 design schools in the U.S., only a handful have even an elective on the topic.? Continue reading →

Dear Informer

DEAR INFORMERInformer learns to beware ?bright, shiny objects?By Beth EwenDEARINFORMER: Some of my employees want GPS systems, to locate their job sites easier, and others want laptops so they can file reports while on the road. How can I afford this technology?DEAR TECH DEPRIVED: When considering technology purchases, a better question is: What is the […] Continue reading →

After two PIPEs, Aethlon links Granite City with United Properties

?A 22-site development agreement with United Properties will fund the next stage of development at Granite City Food and Brewery, the locally based restaurant chain that brews its own beer onsite. Continue reading →

Green Touch gains from ChemStation’s onsite tank system

Green Touch Systems? purchase earlier this year of ChemStation is boosting its sales of bulk chemicals, says Steve Bohlke, vice president and general manager. The reason is the system developed by ChemStation, which manufactures cleaning chemicals at locations around the country. Continue reading →


?It?s the weirdest thing,? says Scott Grausnick, president and CEO of Harbinger Partners, the 10-year-old technology consulting firm in St. Paul, which posted $10 million in revenue for three years in a row despite all his efforts to push the number higher. Continue reading →


Seventy-four percent of Minnesota small-business owners believe the economy is in a recession, and 46 percent report lower revenue this year than last. Continue reading →

New products

Seven years ago Terrie Wheeler?s attorney asked, what her exit strategy was. The owner of a marketing consultancy called Professional Services Marketing Inc. started thinking. Continue reading →


Switch to day cleaning conserves energy at some properties

As the green movement motivates companies to re-evaluate their cleaning practices, including the use of harsh chemicals and their thick plastic, landfill-clogging containers, a rise in energy prices has compelled a few to take the unusual step of switching their cleaning crews from night to day shifts. Continue reading →