October-November 2016

Cover Story

Upsize Growth Challenge – Finish line

 About this project The Upsize Growth Challenge, presented by Winthrop & Weinstine, is a contest created by Upsize magazine to match two winning business owners with the expert advice they need to reach their goals. From nominations, judges select two winners based on the ambition of the growth goal and the quality of the work […] Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor

Blowing up

One day a couple of years ago, Nadya Nguyen was so busy she didn’t have time to eat or drink. “I got so dehydrated, I almost passed out on the bus ride home. For the busy lifestyle that all of us are living it’s hard to track what we drink,” she said. That’s busy, indeed, […] Continue reading →


Workshop: Due diligence

How to buy or sell a company? A panel of experts breaks it down, from valuations to due diligence to preparation to psychology—all aimed at achieving the proper modus operandi when doing mergers and acquisitions.   Rick Brimacomb, moderator, Brimacomb + Associates: This mergers and acquisitions panel is co-hosted by Upsize and Club Entrepreneur. Our […] Continue reading →

Business Builders

Communications, Part 2

Everyone knows that how you present something is every bit as important as what you present. And that’s what makes presentations so stressful. Take a deep breath. And follow these simple tips for success. Be consistent The simplest way to add a professional look to your slides is to keep them consistent. Sticking to your […] Continue reading →

Communications, Part 1

Playing it safe in social media is the surest way to marketing irrelevance. Make no mistake: brands are competing fiercely for the attention of their customers and prospects, and social media is the new battleground. Here are tactics to try now. Show your sense of humor Adding humor is a great way to showcase your […] Continue reading →