October-November 2013

Cover Story


ABOUT THIS CONTEST The Upsize Growth Challenge, presented by Winthrop & Weinstine, is a contest created by Upsize magazine to match two winning business owners with the expert advice they need to reach their goals. From nominations, judges select two winners based on the ambition of the growth goal and the quality of the work […] Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor


Four months after we first met Charlie Lehmann, the young man tapped to run AutoData Systems when he was studying for the bar, and he was acting more like a CEO than an aspiring attorney fresh out of law school. I call that the Upsize Growth Challenge effect, which I have witnessed and along with […] Continue reading →



AUDIO/VISUAL  has come  a long way since high school, now allowing high-definition connections wherever people are. We asked local experts to describe the latest tools for small and mid-sized businesses, how best to use them, and what it all costs. The answers are attractive to many more than those A/V Club nerds we all recall. […] Continue reading →

Business Builders

Strategic planning Start with a road map to get your company where it’s going

Most companies know where they want to go, but do you have a clear plan on how to get there? By creating a strategic road map, you can achieve clarity on goals, objectives and action steps a year or more in advance. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a simple five-step process that will guide […] Continue reading →

Software Management. Proactive maneuvers cut risk of copyright Infringement costs

While unintentional in most cases, small businesses can often fail to purchase (or at least properly document) all licenses required for their expanding collection of hardware and software. Furthermore, few if any have implemented even the most basic software asset management policies. As software companies and emerging consortiums pursue more aggressive infringement claims, these seemingly […] Continue reading →

Employment. Young and restless: How to engage the millennial generation

Millennials are quickly gaining a big presence in the workplace. As with earlier generations, millennials enter employment with different motivations, technological skills and expectations about their job. Employers have been forced to confront this new set of issues raised by millennial employees. For those employers that have resisted management inertia, and even those that haven’t, […] Continue reading →

Alliances. Don’t go it alone; strategic partnership can ease the way

Companies that focus on growth, expansion or diversification often find these strategies require a considerable financial and time commitment. The good news is you can achieve your goals in ways that are cost-effective and low risk by partnering with another company in the form of a strategic alliance.  In its most basic form, a strategic […] Continue reading →