October – November 2012

Cover Story

How PCS Residential’s founders are working through blistering growth

Upsize: I’m talking with Nathan Smith, general manager of PCS Residential in the Twin Cities, and Chad Nyberg, vice president, and they are sitting atop a huge growth engine. They are one of two winners of this year’s Upsize Growth Challenge, with a $15 million company. And they have a mighty goal—well, I’ll let them […] Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor

Speak out

Paul Blom is gay, and he used to keep it quiet at work. The owner of a Right at Home franchise in Bloomington, he worried that saying his business partner, Bob White, is also his life partner would turn away the elderly clients his company serves with home personal care and companionship. When old ladies […] Continue reading →

Business Builders

Upsize Growth Challenge Workshop two: The Finale

ABOUT THIS CONTEST The Upsize Growth Challenge, presented by Winthrop & Weinstine, is a contest created by Upsize magazine to match two winning business owners with the expert advice they need to reach their goals. From nominations, judges select two winners based on the ambition of the growth goal and the quality of the work […] Continue reading →


How to Pick a Domain Name

Choose carefully when crafting domain name WHAT TYPE OF CONTENT do you expect to find on www.therapistfinder.com? A site dedicated to finding rapists or therapists? This example proves that choosing a poor Internet domain name can be disastrous to your business and its image. This article provides tips for choosing a good domain name and […] Continue reading →

Your attorney can help keep drama out of business

DID YOU EVER wonder why in ™The Godfather∫ they couldn’t have done a better job of just getting along in managing the family business?
 Business success or failure is more than luck. It can often hinge upon being strategic and establishing good business practices that span the test of time, and it often involves the […] Continue reading →

Five steps help business owners manage credit risk

Take a microscope to your revenue cycle. Eliminate any potential hiccups in the revenue process and tighten the time from the point you make the sale to the time you have cash in hand. Start with targeting only the customers who can pay by creating a rigorous credit application, then establish clear credit limits up […] Continue reading →

Determining Which Business Entity Type Fits Your Company Best

One of the most important decisions that new business owners make is selecting their ownership structure, according to accounting and business consulting firm Baker Tilly Virchow Krause. When determining what type of entity will fit your business best–limited liability company (LLC), partnership, S corporation, or C corporation–business owners should consider such factors as raising capital, […] Continue reading →