October – November 2010

Cover Story

Drop by drop

Earth Wizards Inc. is one of two winners of this year's Upsize Growth Challenge, and founder Stacy Anderson's tactics to build her $3-million company are detailed in the story that follows this interview. Upsize Editor Beth Ewen sat down with Anderson in October to learn more about her all-consuming passion: the quality of water and what her company is doing to improve it. Along the way Anderson revealed vast technical knowledge, a Zen-like business philosophy, and a surprising hankering for the sweet smell of blacktop. Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor

zen moment

"I feel kind of guilty," said Stacy Anderson, the founder of Earth Wizards Inc., when meeting with Upsize Growth Challenge participants in October to report her company's results. Continue reading →


Accounting and Taxes Toolkit

'Changes ahead for pre-tax employee benefits plans; how to get tax credits for being an angel; be careful when calling employees contractors; why employers must care about classification. Continue reading →

Banking & Finance Toolkit

How small firms can manage credit risk; no more 'peaks and valleys': how to make sales more predictable; to-do list: top tips to increase dependable sales. Continue reading →

Law Toolkit

Kick squatters off your site with three methods; when bankcruptcy happens, beware; why to adopt a social networking policy; good records make all the difference for contractors; seven steps for creating a successful franchise; expert advice on crucial documents. Continue reading →

Technology Toolkit

Do homework before joining 'green' revolution; what's cloud computing? here's a cheat sheet; how to gain R&D tax credits; five steps to getting started with online marketing. Continue reading →

Upsize Growth Challenge 2010

Earth Wizards and B&F Fastener Supply, the two winners of this year's Upsize Growth Challenge, detail their progress. Continue reading →