October 2008

Cover Story

Thinking big

Doug Huseby has more than 15 startups under his belt, and at age 65 he's hard at work rolling out his most ambitious project yet. Best-known as the founder and CEO of Becker Furniture World, Huseby painstakingly grew the store from 500 square feet to 300,000 square feet and current sales of more than $45 million. He started out with no-name brands, competed with giant furniture businesses and invented new ways to grow. Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor

what’s new?

Those two words are always the first out of my mouth whenever I talk to local business owners. Now I?m proud to say it?s our turn to roll out something new. Continue reading →

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Nicolas Thomley

Why Nicolas Thomley believes in Pinnacle Services even though it doesn?t make piles of money, and why he believes entrepreneurs will reform the health care system. Continue reading →


Upsize Primer: Internet marketing

When it comes to Internet marketing, a sleek, sophisticated Web site used to be the primary ambition for companies, many of whom would spend thousands of dollars to achieve it. Continue reading →

Business Builders

Head off hackers by knowing your weakest points

"Hello. You've been hacked."

If it's happened to your company, you know it can be frustrating, embarrassing and at the least an inconvenience to secure and reinforce your Web site or network. Continue reading →

Who commits fraud? Know where to look by learning stats

Our firm recently planned a seminar on occupational fraud and had hired a convicted embezzler to speak. After serving time in jail for taking over a million dollars from a manufacturing company in the 1990s, he traveled the country discussing fraud from an insider?s perspective. Continue reading →

Understanding disability insurance plans

Not all disability insurance policies are created equal.

Some are designed for the budget-minded or first-time buyer while others are created to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible. Continue reading →

Top 10 firing mistakes and how to avoid them

Many employers often say, "I can terminate an employee for any reason, because they are 'at-will', right?" Continue reading →

Solid forecast is crucial step to keep cash flowing

As unlikely as it may seem, many businesses are profitable when they are forced to cease operations. For this reason, improving cash flow is the top priority for many small businesses, especially in a tightening economy. Continue reading →

Changing business outreach tactics with new media

Waking up and grabbing the morning newspaper just isn?t what it used to be. Ten or 15 years ago, the paper gave us our first glimpse at what happened around the town, state and world on the previous day, and told us what we could expect in the coming hours. Continue reading →

Think twice: Don’t let politics drive your portfolio

Every four years, as the presidential election approaches, there is a great deal of buzz about the markets.

Historical trends have pointed to positive gains, and many investors are tempted to try to time their equities approach to make the most of the so-called election year market. Continue reading →


Live Green Builders to be first rollout for Franchise Development Group

Last summer Joe Keeley, the founder of College Nannies and College Tutors, joined forces with local business executive Peter Lytle to form Franchise Development Group. Continue reading →

Blue Cross thinks small firms will like cap on premium hikes

Blue Cross execs believe small-business owners will be attracted to the Eagan-based insurer?s new product, SureBlue, in part because it guarantees a cap on rate increases for three years. Continue reading →

2-minute meeting

?We are standing on the shoulders of so many women, including Barb King, who carved such a generous path for us. We have a responsibility to carry that forward.? Continue reading →

Varsity Bike strengthens pitch to commuters with move to larger space

A move down the street has tripled Varsity Bike & Transit?s size to 1,200 square feet from 400, and is allowing it to add ?Transit? to its store name and more types of bicycles to commuters. Continue reading →


The founder of ApothecaryRX in Golden Valley is trying to combine the best of two worlds as he purchases independent pharmacies throughout the country. Continue reading →

JNBA Financial Advisors makes concerted move into retirement plans

After 29 years as a wealth management and financial planning firm for individuals, JNBA Financial Advisors in Bloomington is starting to offer retirement plans to companies, with businesses that have fewer than 100 employees as its target. Continue reading →

PRstore uses central creative services to contain costs

When Laurie Englert bought rights to open two local outlets of the PRstore, she figured it was a business she would let others operate. Continue reading →