October 2002

Business Builders

To build board of directors, first think through needs

BUILDING A SOLID BOARD of directors that is dedicated to serving your company?s best interests greatly enhances your chances for success. Continue reading →

Your best cash flow solution is in the cards

Financially speaking, there are only five cards in the business owner's deck: Borrow, Earn, Spend/Invest, Give and Save. Knowing when to draw and which card to play separates the up-and-comers from the has-beens. Continue reading →

To lease or own is pressing space question

SOME BUSINESS OWNERS believe real estate is a strategic asset that should be owned. Others view leases as a vehicle to avoid encumbering their balance sheets with real estate costs. Both perspectives have merit, so which is right for you? Is it better to own or lease your space? Continue reading →

Leadership counts when making lasting change

People and organizations need to be prepared for change and develop the skills necessary to succeed. Continue reading →

How to turn‘red flags’ into profitable people

We live in a society obsessed with instant gratification. When we want something, we want it now. Need to drop 30 pounds for a reunion? Try the five-pill-in-five-days miracle weight loss formula - even though 15 years of a sedentary lifestyle combined with poor eating habits produced the problem. Continue reading →

When marketing via e-mail, get customers’ opt-in

One of the main challenges is e-mail address acquisition. Not only is it difficult to capture the e-mail addresses for your existing customers, what's more difficult is capturing addresses of prospects. Continue reading →