May 2008

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Cover Story: Octane Fitness

In 2001, Dennis Lee and Timoth Continue reading →

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[now what?]I AM SO pumped up!” So writes Darlene Miller, CEO of Permac Industries and one of three winners of this year?s Upsize Growth Challenge. She had just finished a morning workshop with experts assembled to advise her on meeting her company?s growth goals. Miller has led the Burnsville precision machining company for 14 years, […] Continue reading →

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Jill Blashack Strahan

Jill Blashack Strahan started Continue reading →


Tech Buyer's Guide: Upsiz

Just as in many other parts of Continue reading →

Business Builders

Why LLC may be correct choice for your business entity

The limited liability company (LLC) is a flexible and increasingly popular option for business owners to use in structuring the legal and operational lives of their businesses. Continue reading →

Ready to grow? Purchase may be your answer

WHEN A SMALL COMPANY wants to grow faster than organic means will allow, a merger or acquisition is often the answer. Before heading down this path, there are many issues that you, as a potential buyer, should know about. Understanding these challenges can help you decide whether this is the right next step for your business, and can prevent unpleasant surprises along the way. Continue reading →

Sale/leaseback transaction

JUST ABOUT EVERY business could use some additional capital at some point. It may be needed to fund an expansion, to weather a down cycle, or to repay some debt. Continue reading →

Early assessment can streamline patent litigation

In a patent case the decision to sue or refuse to license is typically driven by business reasons. For example, a business may be protecting its market share or an alleged infringer may be trying to break into the market. Continue reading →

Ways a tenant rep can benefit small businesses

Very few small businesses hire a tenant representative to help them find the right office, retail or industrial space. But small companies can benefit from such a relationship as much - or more than - large ones. Continue reading →

How to reduce stress from transition out of your business

Are you thinking about selling your business in 2008? Maybe this has been a goal of yours for years but you're not sure how to proceed. Or you may be looking for an opportunity to make a change, shake up the routine and begin the next chapter of your life. It could be a spur-of-the-moment decision that you would consider if or when the right opportunity is presented. Continue reading →


Upsize Growth Challenge: Roden Iron

Cash management is ?No. 1 issue? for year-old Roden Iron Continue reading →

Upsize Growth Challenge: Press

Change is good, but it?s also Continue reading →

Upsize Growth Challenge: Permac Industries

While others in her industry run for the hills, Darlene Miller, CEO of Burnsville-based precision machine-parts manufacturer Permac Industries, has looked the accelerating globalization of manufacturing squarely in the eye. Continue reading →


Providers boost offerings to compete with price-cutters

Internet service used to be a Continue reading →