June-July 2016

Cover Story


  What generation gap? At SkyWater Search Partners, an executive search firm founded in 2013, they’re aiming to close the divide between millennials all the way up to the Greatest Generation, and counseling clients how to do the same. Co-founders Kurt Rakos, Tony Fornetti and Paul Beard tell how they’re learning to be  flexible. Upsize: […] Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor

[just try it]

Those people born roughly between 1980 and 2000 who now make up the largest segment of the workforce. I’m a baby boomer myself, and I know not everyone in my generation can say the same. You hear it all the time: people over 50 complaining that their younger counterparts are entitled, undisciplined—and what the heck […] Continue reading →


WORKSHOP: Raising capital

Co-sponsored by Upsize and Club E, drew a record crowd to the Minneapolis Club in May, proving the adage that capital is king for every kind of business owner. We interviewed many of the panelists in advance and present excerpts from their answers here, including what kind of entrepreneur is best suited for which type […] Continue reading →

Business Builders


We’ve all participated in or led one at work, whether it’s for a new product, marketing strategy, sales campaign or branding effort, just to name a few. Everyone is expected to come up with productive ideas that will make the most money, sell the most products or generate the most publicity. And we’ve certainly all […] Continue reading →

Operations, part 3

“IN PRIOR COMPANIES I remember being bored in meetings and just doodling on my notepad,”  says Anna Braasch, executive director and integrator of local parenting organization Connected Families. “With EOS our meetings are always a good use  of our time. We’ve learned to fight for the greater good in a fair and respectful way, and that’s never […] Continue reading →

Family Business

FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESSES form the backbone of our American economy. They comprise 90 percent of all business enterprises in the United States and 62 percent of total U.S. employment, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Yet, the prospect for survival from one generation to the next is discouraging, at best. Only 30 percent of all family-owned […] Continue reading →