June-July 2014

Upsize Magazine June 2014

Cover Story

Change agent

As Orion Associates and its many branches ballooned over the years—to $103 million in revenue this year, from $5 million when she took over from her mother—so has CEO Rebecca Thomley’s quest to manage a sprawling organization. Her answer lies in an unusual commitment to volunteer service, which she believes connects employees, suppliers and clients […] Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor

Editors Note on Twitter

The practitioner was Betsy Buckley, a local PR maven who’s been connecting people in the Twin Cities for decades. She’s like a walking, talking LinkedIn page, but without those lame, off-the-mark “recommendations.” (Does Beth know copy editing? Does Beth know newsletters? Puh-leez. Being fabulous me involves a lot more than that, I think with a […] Continue reading →


Exit Strategy Tips

Maybe you can’t wait to slam the door on your business. Maybe you’d rather they carry you out feet first, but your spouse has other ideas. Maybe you’ve groomed your successors and market conditions are excellent. Whatever your situation, at some point every entrepreneur will need to exit their company. Club E and Upsize magazine […] Continue reading →

Business Builders

Five strategies to boost your website’s social engagement

Instead of seeing social media as a challenge, realize it as an opportunity for your business to expand its marketing reach and be more inclusive. However, if you’re failing to connect with your target audience and disappointed with the amount of views your website pulls in, here are five strategies that can elevate meaningful connections […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Common Small Business Legal Mistakes

Starting a new business is tough. The Small Business Administration estimates that half of all new businesses fail within the first five years after their creation, and only about one third survive 10 years or more. In addition to the economic and operational risks that every business faces, there are a number of legal mistakes made […] Continue reading →

When at the helm, Building trust requires Multiple tactics

Leadership styles can be as diverse as the leaders themselves, but a president who understands the value of transparency will have a more engaged, motivated and dedicated team. As the leader of an organization with offices around the globe, I have learned the importance of creating an environment where staff at all levels not only […] Continue reading →

Barriers to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement Is a choice that is silently made. Each day, employees make decisions about whether to get involved with their work, how much discretionary effort to exert, and how committed they are to the company that provides them a paycheck. These choices drive business performance at all levels including customer service, innovation, problem solving […] Continue reading →