February-March 2016

Cover Story


They met via match.com, she in Ukraine and he in Minnesota. They blended two families with five children when she moved to America, but found it challenging to communicate well. They formed a consulting firm called HUElife but struggled to find a focus. Today, Richard and Irina Fursman operate a business dedicated to improving companies, […] Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor


Recalls Angie Bastian, founder of Boom Chicka Pop, formerly known as Angie’s Kettle Corn until a re-branding campaign transformed the Mankato-based firm. “There is no imaginable narration that I could think of that would have brought me here.” Yet there she was, keynote speaker at a WomenVenture event late last year, sharing an inspirational story […] Continue reading →


Workshop: Managing rapid growth

Rapid growth can cause major problems, as any fast-track entrepreneur knows. Upsize and Club E sponsored a workshop to advise business owners the best ways to navigate.   Rick Brimacomb, moderator, Club E: Let’s learn how each of our panelists fits into the topic of managing a rapidly growing business. Mike Bromelkamp, Olsen Thielen: We’re […] Continue reading →

Business Builders

Leadership, part 2

Part 1 in the December/January issue of Upsize, “Why fast-track leaders lose their mojo, and how to gain it back,” described your dilemma as the leader of a fast-growing company. While others congratulate you and celebrate the growth of your company, you feel strangled by the many organizational, professional and personal issues associated with that […] Continue reading →

Operations, part 1

You may have heard of EOS, or the entrepreneurial operating system, which many business owners are using to transform their companies. If you’re not familiar with it, this article will outline the basics. EOS is a set of simple, practical tools that are designed to help companies archive three things we call Vision, Traction and […] Continue reading →