February-March 2015

Cover Story

Barking up the right tree

With a two-decade career in human hotels, John Sturgess founded Adogo Pet Hotels four years ago to cater to the four-legged set, instead. Colleagues questioned his sanity, but he’s found the same people who want a luxurious hotel room for themselves will spring for a 125-square-foot suite for their dogs, complete with flatscreen TV and […] Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor

[stand up]

I grew up on a farm, which comes with endless hours out in the field, driving the combines and trucks and tractors with no bathroom breaks because there are no bathrooms. My sister and I grew skilled at standing up to relieve ourselves, albeit with an awkward squat and the all-important pulling of the clothing […] Continue reading →


Full-court press

“Be careful what you wish for. Rapid growth can cause major problems,” said Rick Brimacomb, founder of Brimacomb + Associates and Club E, to introduce a workshop co-sponsored by Upsize Minnesota on managing rapid growth, at the Minneapolis Club in late January. Four experts and one entrepreneur—Kevin Ortner of Renters Warehouse, also the Upsize Business […] Continue reading →

Business Builders

Transitions – What’s your transition story? Answer is key

Things are going well. There’s no urgency to think about what to do next. Then the “unexpected event” happens, and suddenly you need to hastily plan an exit in a crisis environment. From your experience in creating and building a business, you know this kind of reactionary planning usually results in lost income, personal and […] Continue reading →

Succession – When it’s time to go, who will be on your business team?

With the right education and planning, transferring company leadership can be handled in a strategic and well thought-out manner. After years of helping business owners and families, I want to share some straightforward steps to help ensure a successful transition. Why now? Developing a succession plan sooner rather than later protects your family, your business […] Continue reading →

Retirement planning – Freelancers have a secret weapon, the solo 401(k)

An amazing 40 percent of American workers will be classified as freelancers by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Once the province of recent graduates and those “in between” jobs, the wave of the future seems to be contract work as a long-term career for millions of Americans. And because of this trend, […] Continue reading →

Employee Finances – Are your employees financially fit? How to ease their way

While studies have proven that fact to be true, imagine the benefits of having financially healthy employees who feel they are in control of their finances and have a real plan. A recent online poll conducted by American Consumer Credit Counseling found that 44 percent of employees worry about their personal finances during work hours. […] Continue reading →