February-March 2014

Cover Story

How Julie Gilbert is building PreciouStatus from the ground up

Pulled over on the side of the road, she started mapping out an idea for an app that would help people receive updates on their loved ones in care. That moment has grown into PreciouStatus, her young company for which she’s raised more than $1.5 million in investment, boasts world-class advisers including her former boss […] Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor


Her South Dakota town had only a few hundred people in it, so each and every one had to come together and contribute if anything was going to happen. She says she uses the same idea—get every stakeholder to the table and create a winning situation for all—when she develops new business ideas, whether those […] Continue reading →

Business Builders

Raising money from the masses is set to get much easier

The ability of the Internet to match startup companies with people who are willing to give individually small but cumulatively large amounts of money has made it practical for new companies to raise funds outside of the traditional means. New state and federal laws provide a mechanism that meets the dual objectives of protecting investors […] Continue reading →

Are you ready for a CEO?

The founders must transition from working in the business to working on it. If your company is at this critical stage now or you anticipate it soon, you need to answer this important question: Are you ready for a CEO that may not be you, the founder? Your answer depends on several logistical and personal […] Continue reading →

To boost top line, put sales at center.

They watch their reps leave the office for a meeting and, eventually, a purchase order comes in. What happens in between are sales activities that owners may never see—such as emails, follow-up calls and proposals. This lack of visibility and measurement in the steps of the sales process creates problems throughout the entire organization. The […] Continue reading →

To create your smart strategic plan, try a ‘Red Team’ approach

If you’re a small-business owner and you want to get something done, the easiest approach is to have a short meeting, weigh in with your managers, make a decision, and then mandate the change. This approach works well when the issues are black and white, or a trend has been clearly established in your industry. […] Continue reading →