February – March 2010

Cover Story

20+10: Fresh ideas to jumpstart your year

So many good ideas, so little space. That's what we thought at Upsize when considering which stories to include in this month's cover feature about smart ways to improve your company this year. Then we counted the possibilities, came up with 30 (approximately) and our cover idea was born (20 tips +10 CEO lessons: Eureka! That's 2010!) Try them all or just a few to invigorate your business.
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20+ 10: Banking & Finance

Upsize has asked countless business owners, bankers, accountants and other financiers for their best advice on gaining credit, stretching cash, managing finances, boosting profits, generating revenue, and many more financial topics. Here are some of their most pertinent pieces of wisdom, collected from recent interviews and Upsize archives.
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Bottom line must be everyone's focus, not just accountant's Continue reading →


Dig deeper to boost profits, revenue Continue reading →


Use down time to improve firm Continue reading →


ESOP offers way out for CEOs who missed sale

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Letter From the Editor


"Of all the ideas I've heard here today, I think mine is the best," said the long-ago boss after a mandatory day-long retreat involving all managers. With one sentence he killed the enthusiasm generated by hours of brainstorming, and torpedoed his chances of motivating his team to start something fresh. Continue reading →

Business Builders

After Tendering A Job Offer

Job seekers today have access to an abundance of information on salary negotiation through Web sites and books, so many will attempt to negotiate your offer and will enter the meeting knowledgeable on the topic. To reach a fair deal, you need to be equally prepared. Continue reading →

To gain business, take up a cause dear to customers

In today's highly sophisticated business environment, it takes more than traditional marketing efforts to earn new business. Continue reading →

No more pity parties! How to get back to selling

It's time for a pep talk, salespeople. You may feel washed up, stressed out and done in. But it's not over until the prospect bans you from the premises. Continue reading →

Drug costs are one key piece in savings puzzle

CFOs and human resources executives are dealing with cost increases and budget restraints. It's quite a balancing act to consider what the company can afford to pay for benefits and what the employees feel is of value. Continue reading →

Is your firm in chaos? How to tell

I frequently work with leadership teams to provide advice on how to overcome various business challenges. In this role I have the advantage of looking at their business from an external perspective. Continue reading →

How to go from chaotic to calm

I once worked with a company that faced a major crisis when contract negotiations with one of their major supply chain partners came to an abrupt halt. As with most chaos-filled organizations, that was not their only significant problem. Continue reading →

Quit waiting! Invest like an entrepreneur

"Business conditions are tough." "There is no growth." "I don't trust the markets right now." This is what we're hearing from business owners these days. Few seem to have any faith in an economic recovery and generally lack the confidence to make investments – either in their own business or the public market. Continue reading →

Before marketing, decide how to know if it works

Why are some business owners not convinced that marketing has any value? Often, it's because the marketing has failed to show tangible value. Determining marketing strategy by jumping at any opportunity that comes along, what we call spaghetti marketing, is not effective for a firm's reputation or bottom line. Continue reading →

Computing ‘in the clouds’ can help small firms

Cloud computing promises to make computer viruses and PC upgrades quaint relics of the recent past. Another benefit: computing in the cloud means little or no capital investment is required to quickly scale up computer resources. Continue reading →