December 2013-January 2014

Upsize 2014

Cover Story


Citing a long list of values he aims to keep at the core of his company, the founder of WaterFilters.net explains how he’s building a growth culture. But when the talk turns to emotions, the power found in an inspiring mission is revealed. Meet the Upsize Business Builder of the Year and four finalists who […] Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor


It’s Grill Day at WaterFilters.net, a monthly event, and 60 employees are packed into a warehouse in Zumbrota wolfing down home-baked ham, roasted turkey and lots of pie. They’re asked to raise their hands if they’ve been there one year, and most hands shoot up. Two years? Most hands go down, and by six years […] Continue reading →

Business Builders

Online services might do for some basics, but beware for others

The Internet has radically changed all types of businesses, and the legal services industry has not been immune to this change. There are various well-established online services such as legalzoom.com, rocketlawyer.com, and nolo.com that will help you with a number of basic legal needs, including forming a new business entity, registering trademarks, and putting together […] Continue reading →

Four essentials make the case for strong case studies

Experience and proof of performance are critical factors in today’s competitive business environment. To this end, case studies provide customer success stories that tell how a product, service or solution addressed and solved a particular problem. Case studies act as powerful endorsements that go the extra mile for your sales, marketing and public relations functions. […] Continue reading →

How to bust these five nasty habits of executive teams

Few leaders are nasty by nature, but the communications and decision-making process of complex organizations can bring out unpleasant habits and biases among leaders and their teams. These leadership habits fuel unproductive second-guessing and quiet resentments that slow down performance and erode profits. By discovering any of these top five nasty habits among executive teams […] Continue reading →

What’s your brand EQ? How to develop the emotion quotient

People make buying decisions based on logic, right? Actually, they justify their decisions with logic, but will keep products and services on the short list based on emotion. Consider your favorite kitchen appliance. You probably looked at price and function, but you might have also considered the color, packaging and an emotionally appealing image of […] Continue reading →