December 2008

Cover Story

Cover Story: CotterWeb

When CotterWeb's CEO focused on his expertise and hired the rest, business zoomed Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor


Here are three lessons I learned at the Upsize Business Builder Awards & Seminar in October. Continue reading →


Best Practices: People & Workplace

While many companies realize it and some do a good job of rewarding it, many businesses forget at times that their most important asset is the people they employ. Whether the practice is rewarding good performance with public praise, providing a game room or fitness program, or creating a hiring system geared to bringing on only the best, the finalists for Best Practices in People & Workplace keep their employees at the center of their efforts. Continue reading →

Best Practices: Community Impact

Finalists for Best Practices in Community Impact have incorporated corporate outreach into their everyday operations. Some have donated elbow grease and the sweat of their brow to existing nonprofits; others have used their connections and resources to create new funds to help the causes they hold dear. Continue reading →

Upsize Business Builder:
Best Practices

When Upsize began its fourth annual search in the spring to find the smartest ways to build a business, we went to the best source: the owners of growing companies. In the pages that follow, we report their 30 best practices and tips for applying those ideas to your own enterprises. Continue reading →

Best Practices: Finance & Operations

Surviving in business means squeezing every possible dollar out of operations to maximize your balance sheet's bottom line. Whether it means tweaking operations to minimize expenses or completely overhauling the business structure, companies sometimes need to look beyond the obvious. Finalists for Best Practices in Finance & Operations show how. (Finalist Northern Oil & Gas was unable to participate.) Continue reading →

Best Practices:
Communications & Marketing

Social networking is seen in some quarters as a way for high school students to keep in touch when they graduate and leave for college. But the technology has applications for businesses as a communications tool as well. Many of the finalists for Best Practices in Communications & Marketing have found Web-based tools and other strategies for communications that have dramatically improved performance. Continue reading →

Best Practices: Technology & Innovation

It takes more than an idea to make a success out of new technology. Knowing this, finalists for Best Practices in Technology & Innovation have put in place processes that support the long-term viability of a product, as well as leaders who aren't afraid to do their homework, reverse course or wait out a market until the timing is right. Continue reading →

Best Practices: Customer Relations

No two companies offer the same product or service, but the finalists for Best Practices in Customer Relations share a common belief that customer service is a cornerstone for success. Continue reading →

Business Builders

Do your homework to start running a better business

Businesses always look for ways to improve profitability. Fortunately there are many options available to do just that as long as you are willing to do some homework. Continue reading →

Influencing legislative process

There are several avenues into the legislative process. You can do it yourself, join a trade association, hire a monitoring company or engage a lobbyist. It is not difficult and, compared to solving problems later, it is reasonably inexpensive depending upon your level of need. Continue reading →

Keyword advertising comes with pitfalls; here’s how to avoid

Keyword advertising is a billion-dollar business founded on the principle that every business, big or small, can be a player. Navigating through the ever-changing legal issues of keyword advertising, however, can be frustrating. Continue reading →

Issues to consider when planning to move your business

Your company is outgrowing its current space and needs to move. Like any other major investment, relocation requires due diligence and an informed decision-making process in order to be successful. Considering certain factors before you buy or lease space will help ensure your relocation is a move in the right direction. Continue reading →