December 2006

Cover Story

On a tear

Michael Lacey admits he?s got a bit of East Coast in him. He?s somewhat abrupt and used to have a hard time letting go. But through his own maturing and some work with a mentor, he?s getting past that and the results have been notable.

?Earlier in my career I had the answer to everything,? he says. ?And even now, my style is still pretty direct. I think that puts people off sometimes. It?s more just my way of learning.?
Plymouth-based Digineer Inc., a technology consulting firm, has grown from about $1.2 million in revenue in 2001 to $7.7 million in 2005. Projections for this year land between $12 million and $12.5 million.

He attributes that to creating a culture where Digineer hires the right people, coaches them and gets out of the way so they can do their jobs.

?We?re on a tear,? he says. ?That pace of growth is certainly a challenge. Growth covers a multitude of sins. It?s easy to get sloppy ? not that we are.? Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor


Behold the power of the deadline: it causes magazines to be published, political campaigns to be ended, and in the case of the Upsize Growth Challenge, ambitious business goals to be met. Continue reading →


Best Practices: Communications & Marketing

Marketing has changed a lot from the days of solely hanging out a shingle or passing out flyers. The five finalists in the communications and marketing category are using creative ways to grow their business and keep in touch with clients.

Techniques include newsletters, contests and lunch meetings. The tactics have several things in common, including the focus on increasing business by collecting potential client contact information. Continue reading →

Best Practices: People & Workplace

Techies are human, too.

Technology professionals are often lumped together as people in dark, back rooms with no ability or desire to communicate with the outside world. Three of the finalists in this year?s Best Practices in People and Workplace category put that stereotype to rest. Other finalists include a call center and an architecture firm. All five have found creative ways to engage their employees in an effort to keep them around. Continue reading →

Best Practices: Community Impact

Positive, effective community support rarely happens by chance. Whether an organization is for-profit or nonprofit, vision and planning are required to maximize community ROI. Continue reading →

Best Practices: Technology & Innovation

The technology and innovation finalists prove that this category is not reserved for the dot-coms and technology whiz kids.

Instead, finalists in Best Practices in Technology & Innovation were simply business owners who took a new look at an existing problem and applied their problem-solving expertise. Continue reading →

Best Practices: Customer Relations

Technology and good customer relations don?t always go hand-in-hand. As anyone who has struggled to find a live person on the other end of the phone realizes, companies can easily technology to alienate their customers.

But the finalists for Best Practices in Customer Relations have found ways to embrace technology and it to improve their customer service. Continue reading →

Best Practices: Finance & Operations

Adding to the bottom line isn?t all about numbers. Each of the best practices by the finalists in the Finance and Operations category involves people.

Whether it?s training them to engage customers or getting them to work with partner companies for the satisfaction of a client, these companies prove that there is more to making money than cutting expenses and keeping good books. Continue reading →

Best Practices: Smart moves

When Upsize began its second annual search this spring to find the smartest ways to build a business, we went to the best source: the owners of growing companies.

In the pages that follow, we report their 30 best practices and tips for applying those ideas at your own enterprises. Continue reading →