August – September 2011

Cover Story

Buying & Selling

When Upsize began preparing articles about how to buy or sell a company, we sought business owners who had recently done either or both. Two interviews stood out, which we present here: Buyer Warren Stock stayed on as president for an uncomfortable time, then decided last year to buy Central Roofing Co. from the same corporate parent that now wanted to shed assets. Seller Steve McFarland, who built technology consulting firm Orbit Systems from scratch with two partners, diligently kept in touch with industry contacts who expressed interest in buying him out along the way, and circled back to new owner MindShift Technologies when his partners wanted out but he planned to stay in the game with less financial risk. Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor

Today’s question

Sellers shouldn't "wear the money" before the deal is done, as m&a experts like to say. Once business owners commit to selling, they often start dreaming of their new lifestyle and over-commit to a transaction or take their eye off company operations. Continue reading →

Business Builders

You can reduce fraud risk in any business ‘marriage’

In this difficult economy, people are looking for new and entrepreneurial ways to create and supplement income. Starting a business is more popular than ever, and bringing capital and skills to the enterprise through a business collaboration with one or more partners often makes sense. Continue reading →

Check off eight steps to prepare for best sale

Selling a business can be the most significant event of an owner's career, posing major financial and emotional consequences. The complexity of the transaction can be overwhelming, and many owners jump to conclude that the first step in the process involves hiring a broker or other advisers. Continue reading →

Stop talking! How to give good interview

You have accepted a request to be interviewed by a journalist based on a story idea you or your public relations professional suggested. How do you prepare so that you provide the journalist with the information needed to make this article beneficial to you and the media outlet's audience? Continue reading →

Time is right for building a better board

Your organization has been challenged in ways that would have been previously unimaginable. The economy has been reset; you now deal with a new reality. You know that you will need to govern, lead and manage your organization differently in the future. A review at the very top of your organization, at the board that provides governance, is in order. Continue reading →

Three options can help owners retire one day

Retirement is a hot topic for many baby boomer business owners right now. But despite all the attention, the possibilities aren't widely understood. Continue reading →