August 2008

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Upsize Growth Challenge: Roden Iron

?i feel like i?ve aged 10 years since I?ve seen you,? says Kelly Roden to the group of experts who gathered in May to advise her firm and the two other winners of this year?s Upsize Growth Challenge. ?It?s all been a whirlwind.? Continue reading →

Upsize Growth Challenge: Permac Industries

darlene miller, CEO of Permac Industries, says she didn?t waste any time putting into action the advice given by Upsize Growth Challenge experts last March. Continue reading →

Cover Story: Press Gold Group

It?s been a busy couple of months for Press Gold Group, the Bloomington-based provider of time-and-labor software that is trying to figure out how to integrate its new payroll business with the older time-and-labor business that built its reputation. Continue reading →

Cover Story: Upsize Growth Challenge

Press Gold Group was named overall champion of the Upsize Growth Challenge 2008, capturing the largest number of audience votes at the wrap-up event June 25.

President Carl Pressman presented the company?s story, and introduced two of his young sons, who were in the audience. Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor


At my 20th high school reunion several years ago, they called me ?Tree,? that charming nickname from the class of 1980.

At the reception my husband was way more popular than I, just as back in high school Jody and Becky and Polly were. Continue reading →

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Jon Hempel

Jon Hempel, Hempel Properties, on developing his company’s first hotel Jon Hempel was remarkably calm this spring as he toured Hempel Properties’ largest project to date: the renovation of the old Midland Bank into The Hotel Minneapolis at Fourth Street and Second Avenue, scheduled to open in August under the Hilton Doubletree brand. Hempel headquarters […] Continue reading →


Upsize Primer: Meetings & events

When Joe DuBord saw the bill for his company?s event, there was a bit of sticker shock. But he thought then what he knows now. ?It was worth it,? he says about the $6,000 price tag. ?It will pay for itself tenfold.? Continue reading →

Business Builders

Brand consistency across multiple channels

How do you present your company in several mediums effectively and consistently while maintaining the other aspects of your company? Continue reading →

People count too, not only money, during mergers

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are often seen as the ultimate change management challenge. Many complex dynamics are involved when one company is integrated with another. Continue reading →

Use influence to green up your firm and others

Each and every business can be green not only in how it produces its product, but in how it runs its business. Continue reading →


2-minute meeting

?We think you should dig a really big bunker and stay in it for about 10 years,? joked Charlie Mahar, president and chief investment officer at Tealwood Asset Management in Minneapolis. Continue reading →

Upsize Growth Challenge: Gatekeeper Systems

?Five years. That really is amazing,? says Lynn Richardson, CEO of GateKeeper Systems Inc. in Eagan and an Upsize Growth Challenge winner from its inaugural year, 2004. Continue reading →

Upsize Growth Challenge: Intelaccount

A deal with the Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota was a recent success for IntelAccount Inc., the accounts payable service and a 2007 Upsize Growth Challenge winner. Continue reading →

Upsize Growth Challenge: Spray Control Systems

The trucking industry is down 40 percent, buffeted by rising fuel prices, says Craig Kruckeberg, CEO of Spray Control Systems Inc. in Blooming Prairie and winner of the Upsize Growth Challenge in 2006.

That?s an opportunity for his firm, which makes accessories for the big rigs, such as flaps to control spray from the tires. ?We don?t have debt. We?re lucky to have a good balance sheet,? Kruckeberg says. Continue reading →

Upsize Growth Challenge: El-Hy-Mec

El-Hy-Mec Inc. has doubled the number of customers, from 12 to 24, for its preventative maintenance program and reached $1.4 million in sales. Continue reading →

Upsize Growth Challenge: Papa Lemon Enterprises

Paul Dixon has secured a part-time marketing job for Disney Corp. in Minneapolis, to grow the licensing of Disney products for Target stores. He says the job is a good fit because Dixon used to be a toy buyer for Target. Continue reading →

Upsize Growth Challenge: Midwest EAP Solutions

Doug Adamek, founder of Midwest EAP Solutions, entered the Upsize Growth Challenge in 2006 with a goal to create a succession plan for the St. Cloud company he founded. At the time, he admitted the impetus came from his managers more than from himself. Continue reading →

Upsize Growth Challenge: Innovatech Labs

?Last year was the best year we?ve ever had,? says Gary Smith, CEO of Innovatech Labs in Plymouth, which does materials testing and analysis. Continue reading →


Attorneys, owners get busy with property tax appeals

In droves, Americans are parking the family car this summer, and keeping close to home to enjoy their ?staycations.?

As fuel and food costs continue to skyrocket, a similar stay-at-home phenomenon is happening at some companies as far as their meetings and corporate events. Many have curtailed their plans for off-site meetings, and cut back their participation in trade shows, conventions and other corporate events. Continue reading →