April-May 2014

Cover Story

For her second venture, medical device veteran dives into biotech

When Lee Jones first heard about fecal transplant, which doctors use to treat a terrible bacterial infection known as C. diff, “it was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard,” she recalls, not to mention really gross. “Well, think about it—taking poop from one person and putting it in someone else and curing a disease. That’s […] Continue reading →

Letter From the Editor

In the beginning there were three: three brave CEOs who answered our first call to take the Upsize Growth Challenge

Gatekeeper Systems, Floorworx and P.M. Bedroom Gallery were selected from dozens of nominations to discuss their growth goals with a team of experts, gain advice to make those dreams a reality, and tell our readers all about it in the pages of Upsize and at a public event. Since then, for 10 years running, two […] Continue reading →


When like-minded entrepreneurs get together, good things happen

Everything I need to know about reporting I learned from Sandra and Kevin, Jennifer and Tim, Judy and Todd. They were my peers in my first newsroom, and then my reporters when I was bumped up to managing editor. We’d sit in the pit, as the open newsroom was called, and when I wasn’t talking […] Continue reading →

Business Builders

Money makes the world go around, from start-up to IPO to last regards

You just need money to make it happen.  Unfortunately, you are not independently wealthy, so you need some help. You ask your family to invest. They do. Unless you were very careful, or more likely lucky, you might have joined the ranks of Kenneth Lay and Martha Stewart and gotten accused of violating securities laws. […] Continue reading →

Best tips help biz owners account for their blessings

Here is a selection of year-end accounting tasks to do before sending the accounting records to your tax preparer. Show this list to your internal accountant or outside bookkeeper. 1. Match prior year accounting ending balances to the prior year’s tax return. Each year, after your tax return is finished, record any adjustments your tax […] Continue reading →

Pricing it right is one savvy tactic to gain customers

What would happen to your sales if you raised your prices by 1 percent? What if you dropped them by 5 percent? What would be the impact on your bottom line if you had three different pricing tiers? Being able to answer these questions is crucial to setting an optimal pricing strategy for your product […] Continue reading →