April 2008

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Upsize Stages: Deciding what&#

Retirement used to mean spendi Continue reading →

Upsize Stages: Handling family

One of the most difficult deci Continue reading →

Upsize Stages: Exiting partial

If a business owner is looking Continue reading →

Upsize Stages: Selecting & neg

You started your business year Continue reading →

Upsize Stages: Minimizing your

One of the reasons it?s import Continue reading →

Upsize Stages: Maximizing your

There are many steps you can t Continue reading →

Upsize Stages: Sorting the buy

Here?s another reason why busi Continue reading →

Upsize Stages: Figuring what i

Because they are too close to Continue reading →

Upsize Stages: Structuring to

The book Exit Strategy: Maximi Continue reading →

Upsize Stages: Setting a timet

You?re at the doctor?s office Continue reading →

Upsize Stages: About Upsize St

Upsize Stages is a series of g Continue reading →

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now what?

Most business owners have a qu Continue reading →

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Dan Buettner

Dan Buettner, founder of Quest Continue reading →

Business Builders

Companies can buy their way to a bigger footprint

While increasing revenue is a great way to increase the value of your business, it is not always fast enough to meet your goals. You may have growth/sales projections to meet or require a larger presence in your industry to compete effectively. Continue reading →

Plan for inevitable by considering business succession

If you are an owner of a family-owned or closely held business, one of your main priorities should involve planning for your own succession. Continue reading →

Sales & marketing

Each year offers business lead Continue reading →

Tap into existing workforce to keep seniors engaged

By now, the statistics related to the aging workforce are old news for many business owners: 76 million baby boomers will be of retirement age in the next 20 years and only 48 million people are part of the next generation; 24 percent of all U.S. workers will be over age 55 in 2017; and every seven seconds, an American turns 50. Continue reading →

Your attorney can help keep drama out of business

Did you ever wonder why in "The Godfather" they couldn't have done a better job of just getting along in managing the family business? Continue reading →


2-minute meeting

"No two journeys are the Continue reading →

Dear Informer

DEAR INFORMER Becoming ‘razor sharp’ takes more than attitude alone DEAR INFORMER: What are steps I can take to prevent fraud at my small business? DEAR SAFEGUARDING: Combating fraud can seem overwhelming, especially to small-business owners who don’t have millions of dollars or thousands of hours to spend. Craig Siiro, a partner at Virchow Krause […] Continue reading →


The president of Optimal Advan Continue reading →

New products

Since 1997, BlueSky Designs ha Continue reading →


Arete (AIR-a-tee) Passas got a Continue reading →


The demise of a Los Angeles ve Continue reading →

Real estate

"The premise is that it&# Continue reading →

AirCorps Mechanical grows revenue

"Opportunity and silly op Continue reading →