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How to Build Online Trust Like an Iranian Spy

News broke today that Iranian spies successfully targeted U.S. officials by creating a fake news site backed by social networking accounts. The news website was supported by more than a dozen phony social networking accounts that were used to befriend officials over a three year period. According to Reuters: “ISight dubbed the operation “Newscaster” because […] Continue Reading →

How to gain business insights

Insights are the driving force of new products and businesses. Spanx founder Sara Blakely calls insights “aha moments.” Blakely had her aha moment when she cut the feet off of pantyhose to help her pull off a white pair of pants. That idea helped her launch a billion dollar company. In the book “Seeing What […] Continue Reading →

Focus on Conversion When Starting a Marketing Campaign

I recently lost a client to a competing marketing consultant. The client wanted a Facebook advertising campaign for her business and I told her that she could expect about a dozen new customers based on her budget. The other marketing consultant promised her 1,000 Facebook likes in a week, so she went with them. A […] Continue Reading →

When Likes Aren’t Enough

It is time to reevaluate how you measure social media success. Small business owners tend to measure the success of social media programs in terms of followers, likes, and page views. A recent white paper on Facebook has pointed out that these metrics are often poor indicators of consumer persuasion – the thing that ultimately […] Continue Reading →

Why small businesses are abandoning Facebook

Having trouble reaching your target audience on Facebook? You’re not alone. Troves of small business are giving up Facebook as a free marketing platform. Facebook pages used to be a great way for small businesses to advertise for free. Companies could previously build an audience for updates and special promotions by asking customers to “like” […] Continue Reading →