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From the East

At the risk of angering Goldy Gopher (my husband and I are both University of Minnesota alums and our son is a freshman there), I’ve got some wisdom from two restaurant founders to the east, who served on a founders’ panel I moderated recently at the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference. Their companies, Toppers and […] Continue Reading →

No Spiels

I get pitched all the time with story ideas, because what’s not to like about free publicity for your company? I’m sure you do, too, since everyone in business needs to sell something, and everyone in business probably has a 30-second elevator speech down pat. Three local investors who hear pitches for a living, however, […] Continue Reading →


In a long career of editing and writing and, with Upsize, even co-founding a business publication, I have gotten a lot of feedback from readers. I enjoy every comment, which I keep in a special “hate mail/fan mail.” But I had never received a comment like this, from the CEO of a franchise company, who […] Continue Reading →

Get Out

That was the somewhat joking comment made by the moderator of a recent panel featuring four local entrepreneurs in digital publishing, who had interesting advice for business owners. Stephen Regenold of Minneapolis, founder of Gearjunkie.com, was the entrepreneur in question. He was talking about the success his company is achieving since he quit doing absolutely […] Continue Reading →

Planting Seeds

When Dr. Rajiv Tandon was growing up in India, his father was a civil servant and every three years he would move the family from one place to another. Each time they moved to a new government bungalow in a new town, the first thing his father would do is plant papaya trees. “One day […] Continue Reading →