Advertising Production Specs


2 page spread 15 2/3 10
Full page 7 1/4 10
2/3 page 4 11/16 10
Junior page 4 11/16 7 1/2
1/2 page 7 1/4 4 7/8
1/3 vertical 2 1/4 10
1/3 horizontal 4 11/16 4 7/8
1/6 vertical 2 1/4 4 7/8
1/6 horizontal 4 11/16 2 5/16
2 page spread (bleed) 17 11 1/8
2 page spread – (trim size) (bleed) 16 3/4 10 7/8
Full page (bleed) 8 5/8 11 1/8
Full page – (trim size) (bleed) 8 3/8 10 7/8
* see BLEED specifications below



PRINTING: No PMS Colors accepted. All PMS colors must be converted to process (CMYK) colors.

FILM: Ads supplied as film will be subject to a copy dot scanning fee, $120 for a 4-color ad, $50 for a black-and-white ad.

4-COLOR PROCESS: Overall maximum density of all colors may not exceed 280%.

DIGITAL ADS: Accepted media: CD, DvD and e-mail.

ACCEPTED FILE FORMATS: PDF files preferred. Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator also accepted. Files must be in Macintosh format only. PDF files should be press-ready with all fonts and subsets embedded. OPI should be disabled. Images and scans should be a 300 dpi saved as a TIFF or EPS file. 72-dpi images pulled from Web sites are not acceptable. Black and white scans should be saved as a grayscale or bitmap (bitmap files should be scanned at a minimum of 1200 dpi). All colors (including PMS colors) must be converted to CMYK format. RGB files are not acceptable. We are not responsible for RGB and PMS colors that must be converted to CMYK.

FONTS: Fonts must be Postscript or Open Type fonts (Adobe Pro) fonts. No Truetype fonts accepted. Please include all screen and printer fontswith digital application files. All formatting (italics, bold, etc.) must be done using stylized fonts. Do NOT use menu-styled fonts. Convert all fonts used in art files (logos, etc.) to outlines.

LOGOS AND ARTWORK: Logos and artwork should be in EPS format. Do not rotate images in Quark Xpress. Do not import TIFF files with a background color set to “none”. Make a background of white if nothing is to showthrough. Make a clipping path and save the file as an EPS if there is something that needs to show through. Do not enlarge your scanned images in Quark Xpress by more than 20%. Supply Quark “Collect for output” report.

MATERIALS: Please print a copy of disk contents. Include a contact name, phone number and address with all materials. If e-mailing materials, please fax a copy of the ad to 651.330.2368 attention Upsize Production Department.

BLEED SPECIFICATIONS: Build full page ads to trim size (8 3/8 x 10 7/8), and extend the dimensions 1/8” beyond the page edge on all four sides.

Build two-page spread ads to trim size (16 3/4 x 10 7/8) and extend the dimensions 1/8” beyond the page edge on all four sides. A gutter safety bleed is not necessary.

Please do not create a bleed on partial-page ads. Keep live material at least 1/4” from the edge of the page.

Additional production chargesmay be incurred if the supplied materials do not follow these specifications. Production charges are in addition to space rate.


Payment Terms. Payment is to be made in advance unless credit has been approved by the publisher. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt. Invoices will be considered delinquent after 30 days from the invoice date and will be subject to a monthly 1.5% finance charge (18% per annum).

Frequency Discounts. Specific insertion dates must be indicated on the advertising contract to earn frequency discounts. If the number and dates of insertion are not specified, each insertion will be billed at the one-time rate. Advertisingmust be inserted within one year of the first insertion to earn frequency discounts. An advertiser who does not complete a contracted schedule will be short-rated to the current rate card and earned frequency.

Advertising Agencies. A 15% discount will be given to recognized advertising agencies, provided they submit print-ready materials and an advertising agency insertion order. When advertising is placed by an advertising agency on behalf of the advertiser, the advertiser and advertising agency shall be jointly and severally liable to Upsize Minnesota for payment. Payment by the advertiser to the advertising agency for services does not constitute payment to Upsize Minnesota.

Cancellations. Cancellations are not accepted after space closing date.

Advertising Approval. All advertising is subject to publisher’s approval and agreement by the advertiser and agency to indemnify and protect the publisher fromand against any claims, loss, liability or expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of publication of such advertisement. Advertisements or copy having the appearance of editorial material must have the word “advertisement” printed above.

Advertising Materials. Unless a request is submitted along with the disk to have it returned, all disks will be destroyed 30 days after the published advertising close date for the issue. Materials must be labeled with return address and contact name in order to be returned.